Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Goals

I hope to make 2011 a banner year for both of my websites. My goals are plentiful but my number one goal is to get organized. After 4 months of festivals, shows and home parties, my office is a wreck and it's a wonder I can find anything at all. Just wanted to share a few pictures with you of the "before" and I will share some of the "after" shots when I am finished.

2011 Goals

1. Orangize my office and work space.

2. Mark my agenda for daily marketing and listing plans.

3. List more items on both websites on a more consistent basis.

4. Reach 5,000 in sales on store.

5. Work at understanding SEO and all aspects of marketing opps available to me.
6. Participated in 18 Festivals last year, let's make that 30 Festivals for 2011.

This is just a start for my 2011 goals and I will be adding to them I am sure. So here are the pictures of my office right now. (posting these pictures will be added incentive to show you the after pictures).