Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Grandest Woman I Never Met

Priscillas Mason Jar
Beautiful Treasures Inside

Works of Art In Mind Already With These

3 Rings created using her old buttons.

The Earrings That Her Daughter and Granddaughter Will Wear.

I hold in my hand a vintage blue Ball Ideal mason jar that's probably 60 years old, atleast. It is filled with buttons that have been collected and passed down over 3 generations in the past 90 plus years. I received this jar from one of my best friends who thought that I could probably find some things in there to make rings out of. They had been passed down to her by her mother Priscilla Thomas who passed away several years ago.

What I found was more than some beautiful old buttons. There are some absolutely amazing treasures in this old jar. Some are knicked, cracked and aged and then there are those that have worn spots on them from a woman rubbing them during times of pain or sorrow. Priscillas grandmother collected buttons and so began her love of beautiful buttons at the age of 11. As she grew, so did her collection and at times, she would lovingly pull them out and look at each one. She would probably remember where that button came from, the person it reminded her of and possibly a happy story or two. Priscilla traveled all over because she would go where there was work for her husband. Although her life was ever changing, the buttons were always a constant. Priscilla worked hard at raising strong independant children who have a love for God and ares just as giving as she apparently was.
Her daughter said to me that Priscilla was probably in heaven smiling at the fact that someone would be adorned with something that she found special to her and just maybe would have a story to tell as well.

I have taken a few of these beautiful treasures and created earrings and rings so far. I have some plans for some of the other buttons as well. For now, I am honored to have been included in Priscillas life through her buttons. The sharing of these will begin with her 2 Daughters Darlene and Denise, her Granddaughter Katie and her Great Granddaughter Abbey. Each of these beautiful girls will be wearing a piece of Priscilla and have their own stories to share as well.
So today I am honored to introduce to you Priscilla Thomas, the Grandest Woman I Never Met.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Promotional Frenzy Blog Feature Glitterbird Glamour

This week is such an exciting opportunity to meet and learn all about one of my Promotional Frenzy Friends. Dee with Glitterbird Glamour, the creative mind behind all those beautiful items you see. I asked Dee just a few questions and truly enjoyed talking with her.

1. When, Where and How did you get started?
A. A few years ago I was living in Charlottesville, Virginia and took jewelry classes for glass fusing and PMC at a local studio. I was hooked immediately! I found this to be a very suitable and relaxing medium for me. Don't get me wrong, there are frustrations when trying to get the outcome you want with glass, it can be fickle! And oh, the cuts! But I still love the outcome, and I know that I will be doing this for a long time to come. I initially took it up as a hobby, but I had many requests from friends (and strangers, who have actually bought jewelry I was wearing) that I decided to start selling. The more I sell, the more I can enjoy making. I also make a bit of fused glass decorations for the home. I enjoy making jewelry and art that is as diverse as each individual in shape, size, and color. I want my customers to own something completely unique, that no one can duplicate.

2. What was or is your inspiration for your designs?
A. I love geometrics and freeform work. I also love trying to be different from others who are creating jewelry in the same mediums. Inspiration comes at the most interesting times, I can see a painting, a color combination, a plant or just about anything and get an idea. I try to draw it right away so I don't forget. I have lots of napkins and pieces of note paper in a stack where I work.

3. What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
A. Fine Silver and Dichroic Pendant Necklace - the base was made with PMC fine silver and I added silver grains, and some texture and dimension were combined with the dark blue sparkling dichroic fused glass cabochon and a cubic zirconia to get this freeform effect.

4. Any advice you can offer for running a successful business?
A. I'm so new, just over a year at selling, so I would not call myself a success yet. I am researching and learning everything I can to get there.
While looking through Glitterbird Glamour Etsy Shop items, I was amazed at just how delicate and beautiful each item is. They are all so diverse and unique, each piece in it's own way. Her entire shop ranges from the very beautiful simple to the very intense, dramatic piece. I am so glad to have been given this opportunity to spend getting to know more about Dee and all her beautiful work.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goal Number 1 for 2011 Reached!!!

I am super excited about finally getting my office and work space organzied and revamped. The desk area is now more open, with easier access to current projects, orders pulled, shipping items, new ideas, paperwork, printer....everthing is within arms reach and I can find it all.

I wanted to tell you all a little bit about my desk. It is actually an old Sofa Table that I bought on clearance for $50 several years ago. It sat in my husbands shop and was covered in sawdust and dirt. When we built our house 2 years ago, we had left-over granite from the countertops, so I pulled the old table out and had them cut me a top for it. It turned out to be a great looking and functional desk. (it doesnt have drawers but I like it that way)

Now, that I am all organized, it now just time to get start on the rest of my goals!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Start

As of today, the organization of my office is going pretty good. Still life does seem to get in the way of my "best laid plans". Have sorted and organized quite a few beads and now I believe that I could easily add an additional 300 items to my shop and still have more to sort out. That's another story in itself. In the meantime, I am already hunting down and getting geared up to reach my goal of 30 Festivals in 2011, with my first ones possibly starting in February. No photos as of yet from my newly organized office, but hope to have my office ready to photograph by this weekend. We shall see.

Promotional Frenzy group is off to a running start and I am so excited about all the new plans. Now if I could just figure out how to get everyone added to my blog so that I may promote as much as possible. If anyone would like to help me with that, please feel free to email, post or convo me. Onward and upward we go together, one week at a time.